Asbestos removal by qualified removalist

The removal of asbestos during major building renovation or demolition must be carried out by licensed asbestos removalists.

Licensed Asbestos Removalists are required to advise you of removal times via a letterbox notification and take specific precautions.

If you suspect that a business, including a contractor or licensed asbestos removalist, is not observing safe work practices, such as by using power tools while cutting asbestos or by using a high-pressure spray, report the issue to SafeWork SA.

Asbestos removal by a neighbour (individual)

If you have concerns about a neighbour removing what you think may be asbestos, it is recommended that you discuss your concerns with your neighbour or contact your local council.

See our Homeowners page for information on the amount of asbestos a homeowner can remove without engaging a qualified asbestos removalist and the necessary precautions they need to take.

SafeWork SA is unable to take complaints against an individual homeowner, unless there are workers are on site. Please talk to your local council if you have concerns regarding the way your neighbour is removing asbestos-containing material.


If you are concerned about demolition work being carried out close to your home you may wish to take additional precautions such as keeping your windows and doors shut.

If your property is in very close proximity to the work being undertaken, avoid working outside during the asbestos removal and clean up, for example avoid gardening and hanging out washing.

Asbestos only poses a risk to health when fibres are inhaled.

See our health risks page for more information.

Illegal dumping

If you find asbestos dumped in your local area the following applies:

  • on private land (including illegal dumping) is the responsibility of the land owner

Illegally dumped asbestos-containing materials should be reported to the EPA.